Our research

Often people want to support research into a condition that has affected a loved one. 

View videos about some of our research projects and find out how you can support them.



Impact of giving

Many of our donors see giving to the University of Auckland as a way to help create opportunities and benefits for our communities and our country.  

Find out about the impact of giving to the University.


Teaching and learning

By supporting teaching and learning, our donors are shaping the next generation - the leaders, thinkers, innovators, creators, and communicators of tomorrow. Read about teaching and learning at the University.


Managing donations

All of our donors need to know that their money is being well managed and spent according to their wishes. 

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Choose an area to support

People give to people and projects that they care about. Find out about areas of teaching, learning or research that our donors support.

Our development managers can assist you to find a project that is meaningful for you. 


leading the way

More than 3,000 people made a lasting impact on the lives of many more when they contributed to the University of Auckland’s Leading the Way Campaign from 2006-2012.