The University of Auckland has launched an ambitious fundraising campaign that seeks to achieve great things for New Zealand and the world.   Through partnerships with supporters and donors the University aims to address some of the biggest, most vital questions facing our communities.   Can we change the future together?

Student Emergency and Wellbeing Fund

Support students currently experiencing challenging personal circumstances or short-term financial crisis to continue their studies.



Babies and Parkinson’s sufferers benefit from $2 million gift

A generous gift of $2 million from the Hugo Charitable Trust has been given to the University of Auckland to conduct research into growth retstriction in babies and to help those with Parkinson’s disease.


Can we create a safer future?

New Zealand has the opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in research that will bring about intergenerational change to drastically reduce violence and transform society.


Can we maximise the potential of 'Big Data' while avoiding its misuse?

The power of ‘big data’ will be limited only by the resources that can be made available to unlock its potential.


Can we prevent adult disease before birth?

We have before us the opportunity not only to create the optimal environment for our babies, but also to ensure that they will have improved health as adults.


Can we work in partnership?

Achieving the audacious and aspirational requires commitment and continuity, and the security of knowing that support is there – in advocacy and in philanthropy. There are many ways you can assist the University’s people and their work.


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